Big Muddy Studios


BLABBER AND SMOKE – Zeman’s a freaking music genius, swear to God.

The man has a vision for both himself and for others he chooses to work with

“After releasing 11 records it’s no surprise that Brock Zeman is no stranger to the recording studio. For a decade he’s worked alongside recording engineer Steve Foley (Audio Valley Recording Studio) and multi-instrumentalist Blair Hogan.  From his recording studio “The Big Muddy” Brock has produced a handful of well-received records and shows no signs of slowing down.

Here are some of the records to come out of The Big Muddy



****Robert Larisey – Nights Take Forever


  • 02

    Wishful Thinking

    Nights Take Forever Robert Larisey

  • 04

    Stone Walls

    Nights Take Forever Robert Larisey


BROKEN JUKEBOX – “Zeman captured an album that needed to be heard.”

Rock n’ Roll Circus – “the most important alt-country record of 2010”



****Brothers Through The Hill – Adelaide

Bros through the hill

  • 05

    All Girls Go To Art School

    Adelaide Brothers Through The Hill

  • 06

    66 Miles

    Adelaide Brothers Through The Hill


Nine Bullets – “Essential Listening.”



****Tom House –

Tom Record Cover

  • 01

    Whiskey Sings Like Angels

    Winding Down The Road Tom House

  • 03

    Someone's Digging in the Underground

    Tom House

FAME – “Every track here is a study in not just the musician and street philosopher’s art, but a step well beyond all the conventions it tackles…while remaining in haunting fidelity with everything.”

BLABBER AND SMOKE – “Brock Zeman who produces and plays all over the album along with a very simpatico band providing an authentic sounding dirt trodden and at times spooky backdrop for House’s song poems which he delivers in a gnarled and wizened voice. The band can be spare and old timey minstrel sounding or deliver a stone solid groove but ultimately Zeman has set up a magnificent canvas for House to paint his words on.”



****Lindsay Ferguson

LINDSAY Ferguson

  • 07


    Chameleon Lindsay Ferguson

  • 08

    Doors and Heartbeats

    Chameleon Lindsay Ferguson

Bob Mersereau Top 100 Canadian Singles – “…with Brock Zeman behind the board, doing much the same for Ferguson as he did on his own recent album, putting the alternative into roots music. While the songs weave and jab with nifty arrangements”



****Ali McCormick


  • 09

    The spark

    Clean Water Ali McCormick

  • 10

    Thinkin' On You

    Clean Water Ali McCormick

  • 11

    Clean Water

    Clean Water Ali McCormick